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A pandora for movies and TV shows | February 13, 2009


You probably know Pandora. It’s is a music discovery tool and it’s been around since 2005. But if you don’t here’s how it works: Pandora analyzes characteristics of individual songs and recommends new music that shares similar attributes. So, if I select “Wolf Like Me” by TV On the Radio, it might recommend “Golden Skans” by the Klaxons because those songs share a similar composition or tone.

Well, now Jinni is offering this discovery tool for movies and TV shows. Unfortunately it’s in private beta and I don’t have an invite. So I can’t really tell you if it’s useful. But, it does make me think about other extensions.

Here is my personal wishlist of Pandora type tools:

1. Pandora for clothes

2. Pandora for restaurants

3. Pandora for wine

4. Pandora for books

The list goes on.


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