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Recession really getting to the homeless (at least in Venice)

March 24, 2009
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I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but in the past week the mood has gotten pretty hostile in Venice. Sign #1: I was walking on the boardwalk and this guy got up really close behind me, followed me, and said, “You better get out of here white girl. Hurry up, I’m coming.” Luckily I had my MMA fighting bodyguard friend with me. But it was pretty unsettling.

Sign #2: I parked my car on the street overnight and some creep bashed my side-view mirror in with a bat (whoever did it left the bat as a consolation prize for me). And finally, sign #3: The cardboard signs are getting unruly. On my street corner there was the one about the family being eaten by pigeons. Then there was “smile if you are horny,”¬† “Jesus will get you!” and “will¬† perform sexual favors for cash.” All of these within a one mile radius, within a three-day period.

Anyone else noticing this?

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Facebook unconcerned about all the whining

March 24, 2009
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There is some serious hating going on about the new Facebook redesign. According to their New Layout Poll app 94% of respondents (1 million strong) said they can’t stand it.

Most of the complaints (via status updates) call the new layout confusing, ugly, a Twitter rip-off, annoying, and unintuitive. My favorite was a status post from a friend, “grossed out by the rounded corners on this new FB layout. It’s like a bad powerpoint.” I really counld’t agree more.

But Facebook is pretty unconcerned. In fact, I would bet they are happy with all the fuss. They might make some design tweaks, but despite all the pleas, it’s unlikely they will revert back. Why? Because not only do they call your bluff, they are pretty sure you’ll get over it.

Cardinal rule about human nature: people don’t like things that are unfamiliar. The more exposure, the more you’ll like it. It worked for the Herman Miller chair. It worked in 2006 when Facebook originally added the news feed. And it worked for the abstract expressionists. Oldest trick in the book.

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March 22, 2009
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My dream search engine

March 20, 2009
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It’s an interesting moment for search. Facebook is referring more traffic to certain sites (see earlier blog post), and there’s significant hype about Twitter being the new search engine. I agree, Twitter is a useful search engine. It’s curated, it’s massive, and it covers all brands, products and ideas from all perspectives.

But, I think there is a better option. Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Limelight, Yelp, and all the other social sites would be useful for search also. The perfect search engine would aggregate all of those crowdsourcing sites and allow you to filter your results (age, gender, geographic location, marital status, etc.). That way I could see what Midwestern housewives think about Bugaboo strollers. Or chart Nike + search volume and popularity among men vs. women. Or see what type of clients are most interested in our agency’s work.

An ad geek’s dream come true.


(Sorry for the shameful plug)

Twitter explosion

March 19, 2009
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It seems like everyone is talking about Twitter lately. And, everyone is. For the past two days it’s been crushing Facebook (in terms of growth) at an astounding rate.

It’s even crazier when you look at the same chart from just a month ago. It’s been a big two months for Twitter. And you have to think that the iPhone apps have played a big part in it’s growth.


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From SXSW, a Twitter widget

March 19, 2009
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Pepsico’s Zeigeist


Zeigeist is a Twitter visualizer widget. It aggregates tweets from SXSW and organizes them into groups: traveling, drinking, attending, eating, connecting, and partying. You can watch the stream at the Pepsico Zeigeist site.

MySpace open platform is, well, open

March 19, 2009
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Yesterday MySpace announced new developments to their MySpace ID. MySpaceID is part of their ‘open platform’ and was developed in response to Facebook Connect.

When it was first revealed a few months ago, MySpaceID was sort of a half-baked idea and you didn’t really know the benefits. But these added features are making sense. MySpaceID lets you securely connect your profile, friends and activities to your favorite websites. And, the API is open to all developers, taking one step further in the Facebook v. MySpace battle. Too bad it’s really inconvenient for me to think about switching back to MySpace (and dealing with an inbox cluttered with creepy mail). Hopefully Facebook will retaliate soon.

The new ID features will let you:

Connect MySpace data to partner sites

Find MySpace friends on partner sites

Register on partner sites using your MySpace URL

Publish activities from Partner sites to MySpace

Syndicate activities on MySpace to partner sites

According to Huffington Post we are all workaholics

March 11, 2009
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My friend sent me a link to Huffington Post’s article, “7 Worst habits of Woraholics.”

1. Forgetting to relax

2. Eating on the go

3. Putting off sleep for work

4. Not making time for exercise

5. Working even when sick

6. Drinking too much

7. Skipping annual medical checkups

Well, I exercise. At least there’s that.

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Top five reasons I love Magic Mike

March 11, 2009
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1. He reads my blog regularly (one of maybe 2 at the agency)

2. He contributes to the blog

3. He has a beard

4. He has a built-in microphone, possibly a megaphone of sorts

5. He does magic

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And I prophecied the future

March 11, 2009
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I wrote earlier this week that in the future advertisers would synchronize their online and TV targeting. And then I found this article today in MediaWeek: Could Social Networking Bolster the :30 spot?

The net is, I saw the future. And it’s kinda scary.

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