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TwitteRFP fail

April 29, 2009
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At first I really loved this idea. But the circus has gotten to me. And it’s made me see some epic fails in the system.

1. Not-understanding-your-audience FAIL

2. Twitter-is-over FAIL


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Swine Flu fashion

April 29, 2009
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My neighbors came out in gas masks last night. That happened.


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Online dating site launches an app for creeps

April 28, 2009
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YouAnd.Me, one of many free online dating sites, just launched a new app: YouAnd.Me Make Babies. That’s right, it’s a creepsta virtual baby tool. You can upload a photo of yourself and someone else too see what your baby would look like.

There are other apps out there that offer the same functionality. There’s one where you can see what your celeb baby would look like. My friend was kind enough to pair me with Tom Cruise and see what would happen. (It wasn’t pretty). But those apps are for jokes. And you feel like the developers were in on the joke. To me, YouAnd.Me Make Babies crosses the line to crazytown. It feels way too stalkery when it’s tied to an online dating network. If a random guy sent me a photo of our virtual baby as a pick up line I  would just want to hide in the corner and suck my thumb.

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A new spin on Twitter

April 24, 2009


Today Current TV tweeted that they are searching for a new AOR: “This is a TwitteRFP for The Current Network. Searching for a full service ad agency partner.” They then asked agencies to respond publicly and submit an RFP.

Most of the agencies that responded were smaller shops, go figure.

I love this. Like really, love this. Not because they used Twitter to publicize the search; but because they used Twitter as a quality filter. They want an agency that knows social media. A lot of agencies know how to talk about digital. They know how to sell themselves and their knowledge of social media. But at the end of the day if you’re not using the media you’re not in a place to advise clients on how they should use it.

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Been busy

April 23, 2009
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Growing a mustache. Will return shortly. In the meantime go to Facebook and join Cinco de Mustache.

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Interior design fetish

April 8, 2009
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Design fetish for the home

Everything I want (or have) for my home

See more of my Design fetish for the home list at ThisNext.

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