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Amazon thinks I am a homosexual man

February 26, 2010
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A couple of years I ordered a movie on Amazon. The only problem was, it’s wasn’t the movie I thought I was ordering. Apparently “Head On,” the title of the foreign film I wanted, is also the title of a hit gay porn. I was unaware.

The consequences were most unfortunate. For a full year my Amazon homepage was inundated with recommendations like “Hungry for you,” “Guilty Collections Vol. 1,” ” Cowboys & Angels,” and “Mysterious Skin.”

The porn titles eventually came at a lower frequency, but to this day Amazon still classifies me as a homosexual male. I think my order & search history, filled with interior deisgn, cooking, fitness, advertising, personal care and fashion books, has only made it worse. This just goes to show you, actions speak louder than words. Especially online behaviors.

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Bing unveils Augmented-Reality maps @ TED conference

February 19, 2010
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Still trying to wrap my head around the implications. Maps are augmented with crowdsourced user-generated content (Flickr photos, video, apps, etc), linked to telescopic data and much more I can hardly even cover. Watch and see.

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Here we go again

February 19, 2010
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Another TwitteRFP. How innovative.

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4 things to do in Chicago this weekend

February 12, 2010
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  1. Pastry Market @ Logan Square Kitchen. Sample treats from local bakers like Floriole Bakery, Flour Cake & Pastry, Macaron Chicago, Rare Bird Preserves, Ruth & Phils, Tinycakes and Sugarkist. Sat. 10-3. RSVP here
  2. Strong Beer Festival @ Delilah’s. A Chicago first with more than 100 beers from over 50 breweries. Event features both regional and vintage brews. Sat 12-6. $20 at the door
  3. Free Movie + $2 Soup & Cheap Drinks or $25 4-Course Meal @ Rodan. Take your soup with a side of Asian cult cinema and $3 Three Floyds pints. Sun 6-10. RSVP here
  4. Free admission at the Art Institute.

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A healthy digital diet

February 8, 2010
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Buzz Feed – for buzzworthy content

Hipster Runoff – for jokes

NY Times – for news

Slate – for more news

Digital Buzz Blog – for digital media news

901am – for new media news

Fecal Face – for art

Indie Soup Runner – for music

Broke Hipster – for Chicago deals

Made by girl – for interior design

Apartment Therapy – for more interior design

Geekologie – for gadgets and gear

Perez Hilton – for your guilty pleasure

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