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LA’s late-night traveling vegan hot dog stand

February 4, 2009
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Remember the floating craps game in Guys and Dolls? That’s what immediately came to mind when I heard about Franken’s hot dog stand. A bunch of overweight men in bow-ties and tailcoats running down an alley, hiding their vegan hot dogs from the cops.

This is not in fact the best comparison. Franken’s is LA’s first vegan hot dog stand. And while it does have a floating location, traveling the LA night scene to provide meat-free munchies to bar goers, it is not at all illegal. It’s really just about healthy meat-free late-night munchies. So skip the taco stand and give em a go. Go to their MySpace page to see where Franken’s will show up next.

How (and where) to shop online, part 1

January 28, 2009

20×200 (Art)


I love this site. Love. They sell original art, curated by Jen Beckman who owns a great gallery on the Lower East Side. Each piece comes in three sizes at three price points. The smallest size is printed in batches of 200 (hence the name) and run $20 a pop. The largest size is an original and can go for $2,000. They introduce two new pieces a month and each comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist. I just ordered this guy:


Craigslist (Furniture)

I know this is not rocket science, and it’s not new. But it is my favorite place to find mid-century pieces. It is the best scavenger hunt. Try these search terms “mid century” “vintage modern” “danish” “danish modern” “french deco.” Here are some finds from just today:


Etsy (Home decor, art, furniture, accessories)

Etsy can be a joy. It can also be scary Christmas sweaters. That is what happens when everything is handmade and anyone can set up their own store. But if you know your style or which sellers are good it’s a great place to find art, decor, furniture and handbags. My favorite sellers for the home are Spruce Home and Highstreet Market; for art, luludee and JennSki; for accessories Valhalla Brooklyn. Here are some of my favorite pieces:



The best damn peanut butter ever

October 21, 2008
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Heaven in a jar.

Gourmet chocolate shooters

October 6, 2008
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Suite 88, Montreal’s upscale chocolate lounge and boutique just introduced their Les Shooters. These  goodies are actually chocolate containers filled with 12 different kinds of fine liqueur. Just bite the tip, drink the shot, and chase it  down with chocolate deliciousness.

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