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Interactive roundup #3

July 8, 2009
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Donate-a-meal, Dusseldorfer Kindertafel

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Drag and drop food onto the children’s’ plates to help combat child poverty in Dusseldorf. With every schnitzel, cheese sandwich or curd dessert you drop on their plate, the website adds more to your donation. Very well done. A Gold Lion winner at Cannes. Check it out here.

Starbucks, “Share a pint of ice cream” FB app

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Starbucks created this Facebook app to give away free pints of their ice cream. Users download the app, then send a gift (coupon for a free pint of ice cream) to their friends. Each hour, Starbucks offers 800 coupons so people have to act fast. The beauty is all of these gifts generate news stories, and Starbucks understood that 1) everybody wants free shit, 2) people give to get. So of course these coupons are going super quick. You can’t buy those kind of impressions from a straight media buy. Download the app here. (more…)

Facebook, a better referrer than Google?

March 10, 2009
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Adage just ran an interesting article on the power of Facebook v Google (or, social media v search engines). A recent Hitwise report shows that Facebook is actually sending more traffic to a number of sites than Google. Specifically, sites like Perez Hilton, Dlisted, Cafe Mom, eVite, Twitter and Tagged.

This is kinda crazy. First of all, Google’s scale alone eclipses Facebook almost 3 to 1 in terms of unique visitors. Second of all, search engines are built to refer traffic. Their primary function is to direct people to other sites. And yet, Facebook–a destination site–still manages to beat them at their own job.

The lesson: 1. Peer-to-peer referrals are invaluable in marketing. When your friends tell you to go to a site, you go. When they post a video, you watch. Simple math. 2. SEO and SEM have to  incorporate social media 3. Google will probably retaliate. Do you think it will be via a partnership with Facebook or adding social functions to it’s existing engine?

Au revoir free content online?

February 4, 2009
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We have been pretty lucky when it comes to online content. Advertisers pay online publishers so we don’t have to. We can go to YouTube and watch videos, NYT and read the news, Facebook and catch up with friends and never pay a dime. I know I often take this for granted. Honestly, I don’t even see it as a luxury. Why would I have to pay for that? And most of the general public feels the same way.

But free is turning into a bit of a pickle. Advertisers aren’t spending as much (did you know it’s a recession?), so that revenue model is breaking. Free isn’t cutting it. (more…)

Quick interactive roundup #2

January 28, 2009
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Skoda Octavia’s Remote Control


For the release of the new Octavia models, Skoda launched a website that allows visitors to control a real car. Cars are parked throughout several locations in Holland and then driven and controlled via the internet audience. Go try it out or watch the live stream. (more…)

8 lessons from Obama’s campaign

November 13, 2008
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Get insider access
If you don’t speak their language, find someone who does.
Obama brought in Chris Hughes from Facebook to run his online strategy. Hughes is responsible for the website, blog, community site and social media strategy.

Meet them in their daily ritual
Go to them, don’t make them come to you.
Deliver the message where the people are already assembled.
Earn points by knowing where they hang out – Obama messaging showed up in video games, on Twitter, social networks, YouTube (more…)

Bad targeting

November 13, 2008
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Facebook makes it pretty easy to reach the right audience. There is a wealth of targeting information on that site. So, I ask you Ritani, why place a banner promoting engagement rings on a girl’s profile page when she is clearly listed as SINGLE? Don’t dangle those diamonds to a chick who just ain’t there. Targeting 101.


Reverse psychology makes people click on banners.

November 13, 2008
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Check out the Burger King banner…whatever you do, don’t touch the sandwich…don’t touch it.


Quick interactive round up

November 6, 2008
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Everyone is chattering about Sprint’s This is Now site. It also comes in mini downloadable desktop widget format. Useful for a planner…


When.com is a new hyper-local event guide. (more…)

Banner advertising on life support

November 3, 2008
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The New York Post reports that ” The once-hot market for Web banners is not only cooling, it’s in danger of going subzero.” Looking at online ad companies earnings reports show the sharp decline. Marketers are rapidly pulling back on online display advertising, particularly “flashy” campaigns. Analysts are predicting that if the past few months are any indication, banner advertising will not even remain on the decline, it will go negative by 2009.

It is understandable. With click-through rates at .1% it’s hard to justify the ROI. Even though people argue (myself included) you can’t grade a banner on it’s click-through rate, proving the value is still difficult. But I don’t know that banners are dead. They need a makeover for sure, but they can still pull through.

It’s like TV. TV is not dead, bad TV is dead. Infomercials and “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.” There are so many bad banner campaigns out there. Just go to Myspace. Bad banner advertising is what is dead. Hopefully this will force people to be more diligent, creative and strategic when creating a banner campaign. Also, maybe it’s time to change the standard sizes IAB? I mean there is nothing uglier than a 160×600.

One last note in online paid media: search advertising continues to grow at an astounding pace. Thanks Google.

Get a clue Media Life

November 3, 2008
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Media Life magazine is “Rethinking blogs as a medium for ads.”

I’m glad that just weeks after blogs were publicized in the media as “so 2004,” Media Life is heralding them as the best thing since sliced bread.

Now, they do call out some interesting facts from the new Jupiter + Buzzlogic study. The fact that blogs beat out search as a navigation tool, that readers are more trustworthy and willing to click on banners on blogs. These are important facts that validate a movement that has been happening in media for the past five years. But it ain’t new news by any standard.

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