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Economy’s impact on ad spending

October 15, 2008
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65% of CMOs and marketing execs report shrinking ad budgets because of the economy. To offset these budget cuts they are shifting their dollars toward digital media.

This presents a sort of catch 22. One area of consumer spending that has not suffered from the economic crisis is entertainment, specifically TV sales. According to TV shipment data, “the number of TVs shipped to retailers in the United States and Canada jumped 26 percent compared with the first quarter of this year, and 28 percent year over year, to a total of 9.3 million units.” People are staying home more, and watching more TV. To save, they are downscaling to smaller sizes and cheaper sets; but, they are still investing time and money in television.

Traditional television could finally be making a comeback. It’s a great opportunity for advertisers, however, they can’t afford to take advantage of it.

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YouTube to stream full-length TV shows ala CBS

October 14, 2008
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YouTube and CBS extended their partnership to include full-length TV programs. To start a select group of shows including Dexter, Start Trek, the original 90210, and Californication, will be available on-demand, on a consistent basis. This is a first in YouTube history.

It’s an ad-supported revenue model, so advertisers are probably stoked. But, are they just sweating Hulu? Interesting to see who wins…

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Guest blogger: #1 in the series

October 1, 2008
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We’re trying to have at least one of these a month. A series of guest bloggers from specialized fields, shedding some insight and expertise. Jessica Reznick is the head of Business Affairs at 72andSunny and she is going to kick off the series for us. Here are some words from her on the internet, the democratization of information and the toll it can play on our industry…Thanks Jessie!

While the internet has always made accessing information easy, the recent trend seems to be putting specialized skills and power in the hands of the masses. This has been evidenced through communities that pop up and allow every day people to explore a skill or lifestyle they never thought possible. Just look at the number of music videos, TV shows, weird talents, personal blogs and web pages that pop up every day. While the transfer of power may seem like a good thing, it can have its drawbacks too.

There is a new community site up called Song Vest (www.songvest.com). In a desperate attempt to bring in revenue to the tanking music industry, the song writers have come up with a site that allows online auctions for percentages of synchronization rights. For those of you not familiar with music rights, the synch (or publishing) rights represent the songwriters’ portion of song ownership. While it’s always been possible for multiple entities to own a percentage of the synch rights, this new community is taking it to a new level. (more…)