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Google’s mobile location app ala Loopt, but better

February 5, 2009
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Google just released an application, Google Latitude, that lets cell phone users broadcast their location to their friends. Unlike Loopt and Dodgeball, they baked in much better privacy controls. Not only can you select exactly who gets to see your location, you can also customize which location they get to see. So it’s not as daunting.

Your location is tracked on a Google map and friends can follow it either on their phone or computer. Everyone predicted location-based software would explode in 2008. It didn’t really. But better, more customizable privacy controls will probably help. I think what would help more is giving people a reason or occasion to use the software. Maybe a function where you could send those people invites from the app to meet for a drink. Or photos if you are letting people know where you are on a tour. Just some thought-starters.