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Hulu takes a page from the Apple playbook

January 27, 2009
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In 1984 Apple launched that hallmark ad during the Super Bowl changing the trajectory of their company and inserting themselves directly into the cultural conversation. This year, Hulu hopes to achieve the same momentum.

Hulu’s media team  sent an email to the digital-media press world promising that their Super Bowl ad would “finally reveal the secret behind Hulu.” Hmmm. Not sure what this secret could be. But I guess it’s a smart way to make a tech-savvy press group not DVR through their commercial.


Hulu forecasted to catch YouTube

November 18, 2008
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Hulu is forecasted to match YouTube’s US ad revenue next year. Hulu distributes only professional content online, whereas YouTube represents the rise of user generated content.

YouTube, which cost Google $1.65bn two years ago, is by a landslide the most popular online video destination, with 83m unique viewers in the US in September. Hulu’s only at 6m, according to market researcher Nielsen.

But Hulu’s advertising revenues are growing more quickly, according to Screen Digest, a digital media research group.

“YouTube is in a very tough place right now,” said Mr Amel, analyst of Screen Digest. “Most of that user-generated content is worthless or illegal. The next 18 months will determine whether or not it was just an expensive mistake for Google.”

So, is this the begining of the end of UGC?

YouTube to stream full-length TV shows ala CBS

October 14, 2008
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YouTube and CBS extended their partnership to include full-length TV programs. To start a select group of shows including Dexter, Start Trek, the original 90210, and Californication, will be available on-demand, on a consistent basis. This is a first in YouTube history.

It’s an ad-supported revenue model, so advertisers are probably stoked. But, are they just sweating Hulu? Interesting to see who wins…

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