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MySpace open platform is, well, open

March 19, 2009
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Yesterday MySpace announced new developments to their MySpace ID. MySpaceID is part of their ‘open platform’ and was developed in response to Facebook Connect.

When it was first revealed a few months ago, MySpaceID was sort of a half-baked idea and you didn’t really know the benefits. But these added features are making sense. MySpaceID lets you securely connect your profile, friends and activities to your favorite websites. And, the API is open to all developers, taking one step further in the Facebook v. MySpace battle. Too bad it’s really inconvenient for me to think about switching back to MySpace (and dealing with an inbox cluttered with creepy mail). Hopefully Facebook will retaliate soon.

The new ID features will let you:

Connect MySpace data to partner sites

Find MySpace friends on partner sites

Register on partner sites using your MySpace URL

Publish activities from Partner sites to MySpace

Syndicate activities on MySpace to partner sites