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MSNBC heralds 2009 as the year for vaginal fitness.

February 2, 2009
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This is not a joke. The actual headline was: “Get fit ‘down there.’ 2009: the year for vaginal fitness?” Lets take a moment to digest that.

Ok. This trend started in Manhattan–where else–with the opening of Phit Spa. Phit Spa (short for pelvic health integrative techniques) is solely dedicated to exercising women’s vaginal muscles. Phit Spa goers can expect increased bladder control, bowel control, post-baby tightening and better orgasms.

Or, you can do your Kegel exercises on your own time and save some dollar bills. I personally believe the article missed the boat a little. 2009 is the year of specialized fitness centers in general. We will probably see more brain gyms, cholesterol centers, basket-ball specific clubs. Not just fitness centers for your lady parts.

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