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ExitReality: Experience the entire web in 3D with just one click | October 2, 2008

ExitReality is a free internet plugin that allows people to experience the entire web in 3D. After downloading the plugin, every existing website can be experienced as a 3D environment. People can build their own avatar, their own apartment, travel the world, visit different worlds, have 3D meetings, and consume content in a totally different way. All social media sites support ExitReality. On Facebook or Myspace your profile converts into your 3D apartment. Users can fill it with any 3D content they want–decorate with DWR furniture, add an in-home cinema, walk-in closet, whatever. Their friends profiles are represented as doors into their apartments. YouTube becomes a giant surround-sound cinema, Flickr a museum.

A couple years back SecondLife got a lot of play in the media. People hailed this virtual online world as the future of the internet. That craze fizzled and died with little adoption. However, if ExitReality plays their cards right, they could provide the solution SecondLife lacked. SecondLife asked people to build a new world while ExitReality transforms your existing world into an immersive, 3D experience. It asks less of people while also greatly enhancing their life online. This could be great news for advertisers. If this works the internet will become a huge virtual playground, the ultimate place for self expression and personalization. Brands and products are going to be at the heart of it.

Watch the intro video from the developers here

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